Black Lives Matter

The Boston Urban Partners Team | Jul 22, 2020

Boston Urban Partners stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. There is a need for social and systemic change to fix the many forms of racism that exist in this country.

As students working to become better allies, we recognize that we must listen to and amplify Black voices. We are learning from Black voices across a variety of media to better understand and condemn racism: in disproportionate law enforcement and incarceration rates; in redlining and environmental racism; in the preschool to prison pipeline; in healthcare; and in the countless other ways inequality acts as an oppressor in the United States.

What steps are we taking against racism?

To start, we are using our platform to promote the Black voices from whom we are learning. Here are some pieces that have really stuck with us:


BONUS: American Police from Up First on Apple Podcasts

TED Radio Hour on Apple Podcasts


Carol Anderson Op-Ed


13TH on Netflix


@ayanagabriellelage – Micro-aggressions + how to do better

@danielleprescod – Congrats, you woke up. Now what?

@brandonkgood – Good Ally vs. Effective Ally

Resource Hubs

National Resource and Education Tool

Anti-Racist Packet

Fundraisers, Email Templates, & Petitions

We are also committing to making structural changes like: achieving more diversity on our team; working with more minority owned businesses in our leasing practice; and supporting anti-racism legislation at multiple levels.

We look to the words of the late Black poet and activist, Maya Angelou:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”